billion of connected devices in 2020

billion of mobile users in the world

billion in mobile advertising investment

Mobdala Solution

Detect to Know, Connect to Segment, Participate to Engage


Detect all wireless-activated devices without the need of being connected to the network. User behaviour analytics that enables a better understanding of their needs and preferences.

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Connection to the wireless network with a customized portal according to the user’s profile, enabling the possibility to develop marketing campaigns. Connection analytics and audiences segmentation.

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Interaction with the user in real time based on contextualized content generating engagement. Development of Geolocated Digital Marketing strategies based on the App.

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Everything you need to keep loyal users, optimize resources and make your investment profitable

Detection and geolocation

Detect all the devices with the WiFi switched on. Contextualized push and cards messaging according to the users locations.

Real-time analytics

Know how the users behave within a physical space, their commitment and loyalty.

Wi-Fi connection (easy access to the network)

Free quality and safe connection. Quick connection without forms or passwords.

Big Data

It transforms the information of the users into knowledge and helps the companies to make specific decisions.

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Know the profile of users in depth.

New marketing tool

Customize the welcome page with the brand image. Create targeted and contextualized marketing campaigns.

New revenue channel

New monetization models based on the sale of advertising spaces. Impact users directly and specifically.


Integrated solution (WiFi, beacons, sensors, digital signage) as well as integrative (CRM, e-mail, sms, etc.).

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